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Erasmus+ is an European Union’s programme in fields such as: education, courses for teenagers in years 2014 – 2020. Erasmus+ is based on accomplishments of other European programmes which were held through last 25 years. It is also a result of combination of further European initiatives which were carried out by European Commission in 2007 – 2013: “Learning through whole live” programme, “Youth in action” programme, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and other programmes in cooperation with industrialised countries in tertiary education fields.


Logo Mymuaythai                                                 MUAYTHAI YOUTH PROGRAM

The partnership of Polish, Italian and Portuguese Muaythai Federations is a cooperation in the interest of improvement and increasing the quality of working with youth in sport discipline which is Muaythai – Thai boxing.

The main purpose of our program is cooperation in favour of innovation and exchanging good practices. It is a strategic partnership in youth sector that main purpose is development of innovation.

Innovativeness of this project is characterized mostly by using Muaythai martial art as a tool to work with youth and to improve the quality of it. Another aspect of innovativeness of this project is due to creation of a special educational programme dedicated for Muaythai trainers referring to activities carried out with youth who is threaten with exclusion.

Muaythai is more than a sport – it is a type of philosophy, a life style. It teaches self-discipline and self-improvement, helps in psychophysical development, teaches the abilities of defeating one’s own weaknesses, helps to control the emotions, shows that victory should be earned and how to deal with failures. It perfectly works out with young people who are just starting to develop their morality and set of behaviours. It is crucial to be aware of the fact that among people, who train martial arts along with Muaythai, a big group of people are teenagers who are currently looking for their own path in live, checking their possibilities and they might come from a variety of backgrounds together with some that could be endangered with exclusion.

Thanks to this project a Muaythai Youth Program is being developed. Its main purpose is improvement of working with teenagers. It is easy to notice the increased necessity of working together with youth due to increasing environmental issues they are growing up in. A vast majority of young people who start their adventure with Muaythai are teenagers from difficult background, who are excluded or endangered with exclusion, also some are coming from notorious environments. This program will let sportsmen and trainers teach youth not only techniques of martial arts, but also how to motivate, help, support and encourage teenagers to study, develop passion and plans for the future.

This program helps trainers to develop their skills, allows improving the quality and scope of working with youth. It develops the curiosity about the Muaythai sport in teenagers and arouses motivation, interests in other martial arts, teaches healthy rivalry, fair play rule, meeting new people who are dealing with similar situations, establish and build new relations. Substantive education through Muaythai techniques contributes to nullifying social barriers, drifts youth away from suspicious environments, improves current and helps building new relationships.


Information source: Erasmus+