Parę faktów o Muaythai

Muaythai, in another words Thai box, usually is being called “a sport of great characters”. Thai martial art emanates from the ancient art of warfare Muay Boran. Muaythai is also sometimes called “an art of eight limbs” because fighters use their fists, elbows, knees, shins and feet.

Muaythai martial art came into existence over 2 thousands years ago but this sport gained international fame just in second half of XX century. The worldwide interest of this sport discipline were caused by impressive victories of professional boxers from Thailand over representatives from other martial arts.

Children in Thailand get involved in Muaythai since they start walking. Many of them appears in the ring in the age of five. For Thais it is a way of earning money and also a possibility of building a better future for themselves. In this country there are around 10 thousands of professional boxers and over 120 amateurs.

Traditional prayers and dance are the characteristic features of Thai box, without them a fight will never begin. Wai Khru Ram Muay – it is the name of dance which contestants perform before fight as an express of respect to the trainer and prayer for a safe survival of the fight.

Thai boxing is closely connected to religious beliefs and traditions. During performing the dance and prayer each boxer wears Mongkon – a headband which is made of 108 braided threads. The 108 number is sacred to Buddhists. Fighters have also another amulet which they wear during fight. It is Prajioud – an armband worn on both arms. Thai boxers have their own code of honour. This sport assumes huge amount of respect towards the opponent. Other very important values which guides Muaythai fighters are friendship, respect, honour, tradition and fair play rule.