Amuletes and Muaythai

If one knows Muaythai sport, then one must have heard about charm, talismans and amulets. This ancient martial art is strongly connected with superstitions and rituals. Very often Thai boxers wear charms, which provide support and trust for fair play fights.
In Thailand amulets are called Kreung Rang Kong Klang. This name refers to any object that gives fighter strength, luck and protects one from the danger. Kreung Rang Kong Klang could be an object blessed by monk or a person highly respected by a fighter – teachers or parents.

Most commonly known amulets in Muaythai community are:


This is the most important charm for thai boxers. The word „Mongkon” is used to describe an object or situation which foretells a good start and prosperity. The Mongkon is a type of headband worn for protection and guarantee of luck and success. One must notice that nowadays Mongkon become the most important fighters’ attribute and no Thai boxer should go on the ring without it.

Prajioud is a fabric bandage, traditionally in red and white colors, worn on the arm during fights. Similarly to Mongkon, the purpose of wearng Prajioud is identical – it should bring luck to the boxer. The only difference is that Pajioud could be worn during whole fight. Mongkon on the other hand should be taken off by a trainer just before the first gong.

Mongkon and Prajioud are the most common among nowadays Muaythai community. However, it is not obligatory to wear them, it depends on individual preferences of each contestant. There are also some other kinds of amulets which were used in ancient times. It was that time when warriors believed that they need a talisman during battles to protect them from danger and give them good fortune. Among these amulets are: Pa Yan (a piece of fabric with a unique mystical inscription) and Sua Yan (special cape in which a warrior awaits for the fight).