Główne cechy zawodników Muaythai

Sport makes people strong, healthy, active and prim but what else hides in Muaythai boxer personality? Every activity, including sport, leaves specific footprint in athlete’s character. For sure it is easy to notice the changes in people who have just started to do sports and how their character is being burnished. But how Muaythai is different from other sports and what are the effects of implementing it in athlete’s life?


Muaythai is a philosophy and a peculiar way of life. Friendship, respect, honour, tradition and fair-play rule are some of the most important worth of Muaythai world. Professional athletes have unique point of view and specific beliefs not only about Thai boxing directly but also issues referring to interpersonal relations in which respect and honour are very crucial.

Confidence and self-control

Thai boxing cultivates strength in physical and psychical way. It shapes the intellect and moral features of the contestant. Everything what makes people confident can also teach how to control their body, emotions and feelings.


„Everything or nothing” is a rule which is a background of most sport achievements. Thai boxing is not an exception from this. When an athlete comes to the gym, one knows that it is his/her duty to do their best as only then it is possible to achieve the best results. A person who is aware of this becomes more demanding on himself and on others.

Wisdom and common sense

It could be shocking that a Thai boxer is usually not an aggressive person. An aggression burst occurs often when negative emotions don’t have a way out, just cumulate inside us for a long time. Muaythai athletes have this opportunity to release oneself from all the negative emotions via trainings and during intense physical activities. This is why usually Muaythai fighters are very pleasant and open-minded people.