MUAYTHAI LESSONS – LESSONS OF LIFEMuaythai is not only a fight between two people. It is also a fight with oneself, with our laziness, muscles’ pain, charley horse, a willing to give up trainings and not keeping the sports regime. To become a Muaythai champion it is crucial to work hard on ourselves, contain and control the emotions and be confident.

Muaythai influences highly on physical growth as well as on the character. During Muaythai trainings courage, persistence and diligence are being developed in each and every fighter. In addition trainings perfectly evolves mind and temper. Choosing Thai boxing we choose healthy and active way of life.

While training Muaythai, one can grow in oneself features such as:


Be honest with yourself. Accept the way you are with all advantages and, more important, disadvantages. While entering the ring, you need to have clear mind, never burden yourself with lies. Evaluate your real chances to succeed. Your personal growth will start only ten when you stop deceiving yourself and start the honest work. Muaythai could teach you one of the most important lesson – be truly honest with yourself and people around you.


Every new venture requires from us some dose of courage. The thought of sparring with someone or of upcoming tournament fight demands a lot of self-confidence. To go out in the ring, fight well, control every move, don’t get lot in your own thoughts, focus on this specific fight – all this means huge sacrifice and even more courage.

Moving forward, never backwards

Only for those who are confident, never look back, don’t care about difficulties they meet on their life way – can achieve success, win the fight not only on the ring but in their everyday life as well. The winners are not those who were never defeated but those who regardless the pain and resentment still fight back.

Focus on winning

In spite of brutality and force, Muaythai is teaching us one of the most important life lessons – how to win. Every succeeding training, every improved result is a small victory. Remember that success won’t come in one day – keep working on your progressions step by step.