For over twenty years IFMA has used the power of sport, to contribute to communities. Alone we can only do so much; united we can achieve so much more. To that end, important partnerships have been formed with organisations like Peace & Sport, Generations for Peace, UNWomen and now, also with UNESCO.

Social projects set up by IFMA and supported by UNESCO are key for supporting youth in disadvantaged areas.
IFMA and UNESCO have been working together on further boosting IFMA’s strong commitment to social projects. The main focus is the Sport Is Your Gang project. This is already running in a number of countries.

Dr Sue Vizer from UNESCO Asia-Pacific said this partnership means UNESCO is there to support IFMA by doing research and sharing expertise to help the federations find areas where social responsibility can be developed. She advised the areas IFMA could focus on are sports in schools, further promoting girls and women to do muaythai, working with people living with disabilities and increasing the reach of existing projects like those in Poland.


Information source: International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA)