WOMEN AND MUAYTHAIMuaythai is a very difficult type of martial art, it requires strength and sacrifice. This sport is gaining more and more popularity not only among men but also women.

Modern women who train Muaythai are comparable to men, sometimes even better. They are not afraid that Muaythai is a full contact sport with relatively harsh rules.

Warm-ups, stretching, techniques, strength exercises, boxing, kicking, straight left, right hook – an hour and a half of tremendous manual and psychical effort, which not everyone could endure. Trainings that are destined for women are no different than for men. The only difference can be noticeable during competitions. In Thailand women fight in two minutes rounds with two minutes brakes. Men on the other hand compete in three minutes rounds with one minute brakes. In western countries time of rounds and brakes depends on the place where competition is held and the decisions of trainers, referees and promotors. For example at Polish Muaythai Championships women fights in three minutes rounds with one minute brake.

From all available martial arts, it is Muaythai which could turned out as a perfect choice for women. It builds up self-esteem, improves external appearance and adds confidence. This sport has no limitations – you can be skinny, fat, short, tall, you can be 15 years old or 45. All of this doesn’t matter. If you have willingness and don’t have any doctor’s contraindications, you can start Muaythai trainings.