Łepkowski Marcin_MOJA PRZYGODA Z MUAYTHAISince early childhood I preferred physical movement much more to sitting in the classrooms. Playing football, PE lessons and other activities that involved any kind of active movement – that was my cup of tea. As a child I wasn’t a household member type. It was that time when the best friends were made at the playground and I was a frequent visitor of it. My parents always said to me: “Marcin, just be back before 8 p.m.”

And this is how my adventure with sports began. First in football club as football had been the most important thing in my environment. But was it the best? I was keep asking myself that question…

After a while I started to notice that in the team I cannot count only on myself but I needed to depend on others as well. It didn’t matter that I was perfectly prepared for the match day, I overhauled the opponents, run as fast as I could for each ball, when my teammates had their “worse day”.

Now I am aware that I am just an individualist. I wasn’t so glad when my teammate scored. It was much more satisfying when I was the one to kick the ball right into the opponent’s goal.

I decided that I want to test myself in martial arts. This is how I ended up in Raczadam Cracow Fighting Club in December 2004. First two years on the gym were my familiarisation. I had many different chores but I had always did my best to be present at the gym. I enjoyed learning new technique, developing those I had already known and mostly the rivalry between me and my teammates.

It seemed that my coach spotted some potential in me and at my first Muaythai competition I did quite well. Unfortunately a little after this I stopped training regularly , it wasn’t an exception for me to be absent at the trainings for a week or more. Then my coach came up to me and said: “Marcin if you are going to be present at every training during whole February, I will bring you to European Muaythai Cup in Germany”.

I was a junior back then, I was 16 years old so you can imagine what it meant for me to be able to travel abroad for international competition. European Muaythai Cup sounded very proudly that was why I decided to be resent at each and every training.

Since my declaration I hadn’t stopped be present at the gym only on February. I did my best to participate in trainings every day. In 2007 I took part in that competition and I won European Cup as a junior after 4 victorious fights.

Muaythai can teach everyone many positive traits. First of all – persistence in resolutions. If you have your fight scheduled and you don’t prepare for it honestly, then when you stand on the ring, you will realize that you deceived only yourself. No one will come on the ring and fight for you, the only person you can rely on is yourself. The same rules apply in your life, only you can deal with your own problems. Muaythai can teach punctuality – try for several times to be late for the training and face the punishment from the couch. Then you will remember for life to leave a few minutes earlier. Muaythai can teach how to control negative emotions as most of them you leave on the gym. It can teach how to move your boundaries, remember you can do more than you think. Muaythai can provide you confidence because the person who should believe in you the most is yourself.

Remember that beginnings are usually very difficult. Also some of the first trainings don’t look as you might imagine. The couch won’t let you confront with any opponent nor won’t challenge you. The advantage of this martial art is its simplicity. There are no fancy techniques which you won’t be able to copy. You need to enter the gym to see. The first things you will learn from your couch are guard, movement and simple strokes. After you master basics, trainings with shields and pairs will start.

It is worth to scarify first one ad a half hours to feel the spirit of this sport and fell in love with it!