Chiara Iacono Manno_HEALTHY COMPETITIONThe word competition today is often associated to meaning of challenge, match, rivalry, taking on a negative valence. To understand the real meaning of the word is good associating it to another key-concept: the competence. To be competitive doesn’t mean to do better than others, but to give the best.

Then competition is ability of playing out all available resources (interior, exterior) to face up to a situation. Every competence, understood as know-how, manifests in the form of competition, which is at first, a challenge with oneself. There are two kinds of competition: that interior motivates everyone to make always better; that exterior. Comparative dimension is useful to compare with others, but it is secondary or it should be this.

Competition is a necessary element for doing: it is activated during situations in which a strong motivation is felt, determined by pleasure, by passion but also by attraction for difficult requests. This is also an important feature to keep up attention and concentration. Who considers competition as a source of ansiety, should attempt to frequent environments in which personal expression and meditation about oneself are encouraged. In reverse, this kind of person should escape from place in which attention for performance is too much prominent.

Practice muay thai helps to increase an healthy competition in the junior athlete, a competition as the desire of doing the best of oneself. This desire grows up because this sport increases the extent of self-acceptance, stimulating in everyone competences and abilities to become someone or something that is a form of a personal and independent processing, not copied from external or prepackaged models.

Muay thai, at the same time, appeals also to the comparative dimension of competition: in this sport comparison with the other is unavoidable. To compare with a partner allows to athlete to take out the best, to engage steadily and not to give up. However is good recognizing when competition is no more healthy and it has become ill. The desire of compare and measure up to the other is positive when it’s secondary and not the main target of training.

In this case, in fact, it could be bad because it increase wish of overpassing the adversary and becoming number one among all.
In muay thai respect is the most important value and it’s taught to fighters. Who practices muay thai has to be aware what is respect for adversary. For this reason, in muay thai, comparison with other becomes development of an healthy competition.