Chiara  Iacono Manno_HOW TO GAIN CONFIDENCE AND RESPECT IN YOUNG PEOPLE, HOW TO MOTIVATE AND ENCOURAGE YOUNG PEOPLE TO PARTECIPATE IN ACTIVITIESTo enter into a relationship with young people in a correct way, at first time it’s good to built a solid relation based on confidence and respect. Teenager confides in a adult and in his advices only if he knows that he can trust on him because the adult is his point of reference, his guide. Teenager also needs to establish a relationship in which he doesn’t feel only judged by adults for his failings but he also needs to be appreciated and valued. Only if there are these assumptions he is prepared to admit advices and constructive criticism.

It’s important, from childhood, to work on own trust, because a teenager that believes in himself is going to face up to troubles of life with determination; a self-assured teenager is going to build a valid and personal identity, avoiding to be influenced by others. Through support of an adult it’s good working on own trust, to encourage young people to experiment sport and activities, where everyday abilities are challenged.

Muaythai is a relevant sport to work on these features. Master, in this case, takes the main role that I described above: he becomes a reference for the teenager, helping him to discover his abilities and competences and teaching him to believe in himself.

Master welcomes teenager in his group and he motivates him to give the best. During training teenager experiments his abilities and he learns to recognize his limits, then he works on them for a continuous improvement. Muaythai helps him on this target: its training submits teenager to increasing difficulties. Training challenges teenager’s abilities, but at the same time master supports and encourage him not to give up. Then teenager places confidence in his master who invites him to engage and work hard to reach his targets. As time passes, he realizes which are his abilities and improvements. Furthermore, muaythai is a sport that from a side places athlete in front of himself, becoming consciousness about abilities and limits, from the other side this discipline increases also an healthy competition. Indeed, teenager trains in group, he may be motivated to engage and to reach results because his partners make the same. Inside, a sense of competition for the other increases, and if it is healthy, it’s positive because he helps athlete to give the best.

Finally, I assert that muaythai, through the master and the type of training that provides, is an excellent sport in order to work on own confidence and to motivate to engage more and more in activities he does.