Maciej Skupiński_Mój wybór - Muaythai

Before the beginning of my adventure with the Muaythai trainings I had tried other sports and martial arts.

In my childhood during primary school, I trained acrobatics, karate in high school to eventually meet Muaythai.

I achieved second class in acrobatics as well as medals at WYO (Warsaw Youth Olympics), karate 2 kyu and medals at Poland Championships, but when I saw Muaythai fights on television, I wanted to leave all other sports and start practicing Thai boxing.

Thanks to the Muaythai seminar organized in 2002 in Warsaw I came across this sport – then it was all clear to me.

I was aware of the fact that only Muaythai would meet up my expectations on learning how to fight. People from my neighbourhood noticed that Muaythai began to subjugate my saucy, defiant and difficult character.

Of course, the basic rules gained from practicing other sports were useful. However, it was extremely difficult to learn the traditional Muaythai fighting techniques in clinch.

When I bought a ticket to Thailand to go for my first training Camp, I felt like my dreams are coming true.

For this I needed a second man, coach, group and hard, conscientious work.

Repeating hundreds of kicks became boring but necessary.

To achieve a good level advancement in muaythai it is not possible without the help of another man.

I have been training Muaythai for 20 years, I can assure you that it was the hard training I made every day that grew an unconditional reflex in me that moved to private and professional life. The reflex of taking up the fight and not giving up. What Muaythai taught me is when I encounter any adversities, which do not allow me to achieve my goal, I do my best to overcome them and solve the problems.

It took me some time to learn how to properly prepare for any “fight” in everyday life.

Muaythai is a very spiritual sport. An inseparable element of this martial art is the Wai Kru dance which is a demonstration of respect to the trainer as a teacher. It can be used as a warm-up as well as a moment of intensified concentration.

I managed to unite my religiousness with Muaythai and with a clear conscience I declare that through this sport I adore God.