Chiara Iacono Manno_WHAT PROBLEMS YOUNG PEOPLE ARE FACING TODAY AND HOW TO SOLVE THEMMore often young people are described as a “lost generation”. Teenager today deals with an identity crisis, for which he doesn’t feel reflected in any value of society. Often he hasn’t experience or power to face alone and in a constructive way the stress and anxiety deriving from this crisis. He grows up with a sense of low self-esteem in his regards. For this reason, he doesn’t appreciate himself, living youth in a chronic state of reject and insecurity.

On the other side teenager can try to stamp out this feeling in the relationship with others, searching security in prevarication the other with aggression and bullying forms. This is the reason why young people need an appropriate guide for their life path, otherwise they can get into destructive behaviors or, in reverse, they can become prey of bullying of the strongest.

Moreover, the notion of right discipline very celebrated at time of our parents and grandparents, is going to disappear in new generations. Teenager doesn’t use to obey but he thinks that it’s allowed to him to transgress rules, making what he wants. From the otherwise, adult tries to become a sort of friend for teenager, imposing evident rules and punishing the eventual transgression. This permissive attitude increases rebellion and indifference, typical feelings of today generation.

Muaythai, in reference to these problems, lends itself as an adequate sport in order to support young people in building a solid identity and to teach discipline and respect.

Muaythai is an ancient discipline that expected a serious and hard training.

However, when it’s taught to young people, it’s a good idea introduce it as a game and not as an “hard training”, focusing attention on rules, respect, paly.

All techniques of kicks, punches and holds, therefore, must be lived as a game in which the purpose is having fun, with the respect of rules and primarily the respect of adversary.

In this sport teenager is never alone but inside a group, guided by a master that explains the rules of game. In this way, everybody experiences social relations: each teenager, like each man, is insert in a world where relations, relationships, social hierarchies are fundamental.

Secondly muaythai assists young people in reinforcing their personality. Indeed, a teenager conscious of his means, is confident in using his mind, his body and in the development of social relations.

Through the play of fight, teenager is going to leave insecurity in place of making an equilibrate personality, able in exploiting all his potentialities. Thanks to consciousness of own limits and respect of rules, teenager is going to work on his self-esteem, through an healthy competition with adversary and with own limits.

Muay thai, therefore, is a complet sport because over the benefits deriving from others sport, it teaches respect of rule, of master and of partners; it reinforces own personality and self esrteem and finally, in reverse of general people think, it doesn’t instigate violence but it teaches leads to awareness of danger, to control of aggression.