Logo EMF

EMF has therefore the following vision of success: “A united European muaythai family working together to improve enjoyment of the game”


There are, of course, many tasks to accomplish to achieve that vision. Important new steps have been taken, for example, with the establishment of the Professional muaythai Strategy Council. At institutional level, there is now a greater recognition of the various and varying interests of different parts of the muaythai family.

EMF itself has a philosophy of muaythai First.

Through our work in staging top class European competitions for national teams and staging the best club competitions in the world, right through to our work with national associations to develop coaching and grassroots muaythai, EMF carries out a wide range of activities to promote and develop European muaythai. The role of EMF – our core mission – can be expressed as follows: “To create the right conditions for the game in Europe to prosper and develop.”


Information source: European Muaythai Federation (EMF)