Logo  Italian Muaythai FederationThe Italian Muaythai Federation the only one recognized in Italy by IFMA, and operates independently and autonomously throughout the national and international territory without any type of institutional contribution.


The Italian Muaythai Federation

The IMTE / FIMT (hereinafter FIMT) was born in 1996 as a reference for Muay Thai in Italy; present in almost all Italian regions, has about 100 companies registered with over 3000 members and 18 regional committees, as well as about 100 technicians and 50 arbitrators also recognized internationally. FIMT is the only and only Muay Thai Federation in Italy recognized by the International Federation of Muaythai Amateurs, the only World Federation recognized by GAISF today SPORTACCORD.

Since 1997, FIMT has been organizing regional, national, gala events and events, as well as participating in the European and World Championships IFMA, featuring athletes from over 130 nations.