Muaythai is considered as one of the most brutal and one of the most efficient fighting sport. Thai box is named an „art of eight limbs” as in this sport strokes are made by fists, knees, with the help of shins and elbows. It is a „full-contact” type of sport, which means the strokes are carried on with maximum strength.

Classification of Muaythai techniques

Cherng Muay - basics
These techniques are divided into 4 categories:
Cherng Mad - 15 combinations of fists punches
Cherng Sok - 24 combinations of elbow strikes
Cherng Khao - 11 combinations of knee strokes
Cherng Thao - 15 combination of leg strikes

Kon Muay - fight techniques
Kon Muay Kee – defense and counterattack techniques:
Sinpala Muay - garda and movement
Muay Bang - block and dodge techniques
Kon Muay Jujom - attack techniques
Mae Mat - techniques of fists punches
Mae Tei-Tip - pushing kicks techniques
Mae Tei-Tei - kicks techniques
Chap Ko - stand-up hold techniques and close-range fighting
Muay Khao - techniques of knee strokes
Muay Sok - techniques of elbow strikes
Muay Pam - techniques of grabs and throws

Mae Mai - Luk Mai – the master tricks of Muaythai 
They are part of the Muaythai tradition and are rarely practiced today because combinations are quite difficult to master. They are divided into two groups:
Mae Mai Muay Thai - 15 basic master combinations
Luk Mai Muay Thai - 15 complementary combinations