Traditions Muaythai. Mongkon

The Mongkon is a headband which is a very important part of Muaythai since it’s beginnings.

For a person who is not familiar with this martial art it might look funny or redundant for contestants to wear such headband just before the fight. However, this tradition for people who are connected to Muaythai is very important and even sacred in some ways due to meanings behind it.

The sacred Mongkon is worn by contestants just before the fight, during their wai kru ram muay dance. After this traditional ceremony, Mongkon should be taken off the fighter’s head by his/her trainer and placed on the top of their corner for good fortune in upcoming challenge.

A fighter, due to long time tradition, gets his/her own Mongkon from the trainer (otherwise known as kru) after one feels that the fighter has given all his/her effort to represent the gym name with pride and dignity in the ring. It is very important for a foreigner to be aware of the significance of this special headband and that wearing it means loyalty and respect to one’s gym, the trainer and to whole Muaythai sport.

Mongkon is braided most commonly out of rope, thread, silk or other woven. It is quite popular among the fighters, doesn’t matter if they’re Buddists or not, to bring their Mongkon to a Buddhist monk for blessing and providing good fortune in future combants in the ring.