Traditions Muaythai.Music

What creates unique atmosphere during muaythai fights across Thailand is traditional music or Sarama. Its unquestionable and incomparable tones and sounds are played live usually by three or four musicians who are using percussion instruments, cymbals, flute and oboes.

It is common that musicians improvise instead of following a written piece. They master this art for years of practice.

The Sarama muaythai music starts to play at the Wai Kru Ram Muay and continuous during the fight itself. The Wai Kru dance should be graceful and noble so the music at the beginning is rather slow than energetic. However, when the fight starts the tempo is being increased and matched for the specific fight.

In case of inaction for example during the time between rounds or when there is a knockown, the musician pause the performance and wait with resuming for the referee signal for picking up the action.