Traditions Muaythai.Prajioud

Prajioud, in another words Druang Rang, are traditional armbands worn by fighters on two arms. The origins of those amulets reach ancient times. When mothers bid their sons a farewell before war, they gave them a tied piece of their surong (traditional skirt, dress). It was supposed to give boys good luck and protection. The band itself is made of pieces of fabric with prayers and spells written on it.

The process of making a new Prajioud is a specific ceremony. These armbands are created by trainers or fighters themselves. However, in Thailand it is believed that a Prajioud made by a teacher brings more power to the contestant, protects him and provides good fortune in forthcoming fight.

In contrary to Mongkon, Praijoud is worn on one or two arm during whole fight. It has two loose ends and can occur in variety of colors.